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 Shaw Wong — Trainer

Shaw Wong Shi Haw graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2006 with a B.A. (Hons) degree in Chinese Studies. She holds an impressive decade-long teaching portfolio, conducting a wide array of courses from Conversational Chinese and Cantonese, Chinese lyrics writing to music classes. She holds individual, small group classes, extensive workshops, and has reached out to hundreds of students over the years.

She firmly believes in Confucius’ educational ideology of “有教無類,因材施教” (Yǒu jiào wú lèi, yīn cái shī jiào) meaning “To teach without discrimination; based on each student’s ability,” and thus strives to tailor teaching methods to individual requirements and aspirations. She infuses arts, culture and music into language courses, enables students to cultivate interest and appreciation for the language.

Aside from teaching at Elite, she is an eloquent speaker and communicator with a brief stint as a DJ with radio station Rediffusion Singapore and as an invited contributing writer by the Taiwan’s Public Television Service (PTS), providing written perspectives of local issues to Taiwanese audience.

Shaw is also an established musician. Her original works include the 2011 National Day Parade Dance Remix, “The Nutcracker” Musical for the 50th Anniversary of the People’s Association and the 2008 theme song for Singapore’s annual Chingay Parade.

With her years of teaching under her belt, unique track record and experience in mass media, Shaw is well-placed as a trainer for effective Chinese and Cantonese language communication to both a professional and public audience.