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 Mengjia Gu — Chief Trainer

Mengjia came to Singapore in 2013 and graduated from Lee Kong Chian School of Business – Singapore Management University with a Master Degree of Science in Business Innovation. Before coming to Singapore, Mengjia holds a Bachelor Major in Chinese Literature of Theatre Film & Television from one of the top educational universities in China – Nanjing Normal University. She also holds a first level certificate in Putonghua(Mandarin).

Coupled with her passion and interest for the education industry and her 4 years of corporate experience in a professional educational consulting firm back in China, Mengjia eventually joined Elite in 2015 as its Chief Trainer and she was in charge of its Chinese Training Program specialized for adults learning.

As a fully equipped trainer and native speaker of Mandarin, Mengjia believes that learning a foreign language should be fun and that every individual learns differently. Not only is she patient and skillful in Chinese teaching, Mengjia also made it a point to constantly conduct researches to further equip herself with in-depth knowledge in the language and thus enhancing the learning progress for all the learners.

Through her research, Mengjia has successfully redesigned the full Chinese Learning System which promotes small class size learning model to ensure that all the learners are able to obtain better results in Elite. Additionally, she has also developed the workbooks, evaluation mechanism and many more which had all received positive feedbacks from her learners of different levels.

With Mengjia’s positive and patient personality, not only had she served and provided excellent support to our clients of varying backgrounds and requirements, she had also ensured a fun and enjoyable learning process for all of her learners. Believing in giving her all when it comes to teaching, Mengjia is your best choice to keep you well informed about the Chinese’s past, present and future.