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 Chinese Advance Level

Chinese Advance Level

Our Advanced Chinese Course (120 hours, 2 terms) has the objective to allow our learners to express themselves confidently in Chinese, and being able to articulate thoughts and opinions effectively in a discussion.

With the solid foundation built in the beginner and intermediate courses, learners will achieve near-native proficiency and become effectively bilingual through extensive translation training such as reading an article in English and interpreting it into Chinese. Presentation skills (Choice of words) and a depth down into the Chinese culture and vocabulary to express various concepts will also be covered through our Advanced Chinese Course.

What you can expect from our advanced chinese lessons:

 1.   Master 5000 or more commonly used words, idioms and proverbs
 2.   Learn about article reading and presentation.
 3.   Acquire more competence on Chinese grammar and write passages with varied sentence structures.
 4.   Learn to recognize 1000-1500 Chinese characters.
 5.   Ability to read a narrative article of about 1000 Chinese characters within 10 minutes, and then rewriting it into a summary of about 400 characters within 35 minutes.
 6.   Being able to pass HSK Level 6.
 7.   Ability to comprehend written and spoken information in Chinese easily, and able to effectively express themselves orally and on paper.

Advanced level is suitable for learners who have passed HSK 5 and/or equivalent to this level, or for those who have learned the Chinese Language for at least 3 years with 2-3 class hours in each week. These learners should have mastered around 3000 commonly used words and related grammar patterns as well as the ability to recognize and use 2500 commonly used Chinese characters correctly.

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