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 Chinese Fonts & Other Asian Languages

This page offers a useful selection of free Chinese fonts for Windows. You can download these Chinese fonts for free. All you have to do is to click on the font preview image and start downloading. Installing these free Chinese fonts on you computer is very easy. You can see how to do that at the bottom of this page. All of these fonts are traditional Chinese fonts. Simplified Chinese fonts will be added very soon.

Click on font samp

Font Name File Size Font Sample
漢鼎繁古印 3.168 MB free chinese fonts
漢鼎繁海报 2.991 MB free chinese fonts
漢鼎繁舒體 2.177 MB free chinese fonts
漢鼎繁印篆 4.663 MB free chinese fonts
漢鼎繁中變 3.256 MB free chinese fonts
漢鼎繁顏體 3.501 MB free chinese fonts
汉鼎简黑变 1.512 MB free chinese fonts
汉鼎简楷体 4.573 MB free chinese fonts
汉鼎简录变 3.95 MB free chinese fonts
汉鼎简舒体 2.622 MB free chinese fonts
汉鼎特粗黑 1.683 MB free chinese fonts
漢鼎繁中楷 6.152 MB free chinese fonts
汉鼎简中楷 5.528 MB free chinese fonts
漢鼎繁琥珀 5.027 MB free chinese fonts
漢鼎繁勘亭 2.931 MB free chinese fonts
漢鼎繁特粗宋 2.923 MB free chinese fonts

How to install these Chinese fonts on your computer

1. Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel (Note: In Windows XP, choose Start > Control Panel)
2. Double-click the Fonts folder.
3. Choose File > Install New Font.
4. Locate the fonts you want to install.
In the Drives list, select the drive and the folder containing the Chinese fonts you want to install.
In the Folders list, select a folder that contains the fonts you want to install. The fonts in the folder appear under List of Fonts.
5. Select the fonts to install. To select more than one font, hold down the CTRL key and click each font.
6. To copy the fonts to the Fonts folder, make sure the Copy fonts to the Fonts folder check box is selected.
Note: If installing fonts from a floppy disk or a CD-ROM, you should make sure this check box is selected. Otherwise, to use the fonts in your applications, you must always keep the disk in the disk drive.
7.Click OK to install the fonts.

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