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 Chinese Intermediate Level

Chinese Intermediate Level

Our Intermediate Chinese Course has an objective of helping you to develop your language skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, as well as its application into general business context.

So, how can Elite help you?

The focus of our Intermediate Chinese Course is to enhance your four essential language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing), which will assist you to think and converse in Mandarin with the correct Chinese grammar and structure with ease. Additionally, you will also learn writing skills through writing short articles and emails with appropriate phrasing of sentences, how to use traditional or electronic dictionary, and typing of Chinese characters on the computer and smartphone.

Through a systematic approach in our Intermediate Chinese Course (192 hours, 4 terms), you will acquire a general overview of the Chinese cultural heritage, as well as the usage of common Chinese proverbs and idioms to communicate confidently in a business environment.

What you can expect from our Intermediate Chinese Lessons:

 1.   Acquire 2550 most essential Chinese words and phrases.
 2.   Learn about contextual study of Chinese on specific topics.
 3.   Learn to express opinions in paragraphs.
 4.   Learn more variation of Chinese grammar patterns.
 5.   Learn to recognize 1000-1500 Chinese characters.
 6.   Learn to write an article about 150-400 characters to express ideas.
 7.   Be able to pass HSK Level 4-5?
 8.   Ability to read Chinese newspapers and magazines, as well as to being able to enjoy Chinese films and plays.
 9.   Ability to give a full-length speech in mandarin.

For our intermediate chinese lessons, it is suitable for learners who have passed HSK3 and/or equivalent to this level, or who have studied Chinese for 1.5 years with 2-3 class hours weekly. These learners should have mastered 600 commonly used words and related grammar patterns and have the basic ability to recognize 200 commonly used Chinese characters.

Still unsure if the course is suitable for you? Contact us here for more information on learning Chinese and Mandarin for daily and business environments.