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 Our Quality - Mandarin Courses

Mandarin Courses in Singapore Through providing personalized Mandarin Courses to professionals, executives and the corporate market, Elite understands that such Business Mandarin Courses need to be effective and fun. Thus, each of our trainers are selected on strict criteria that would include their abilities to understand each client’s learning objectives and meet it through building the client’s confidence to apply what they learn on a daily basis.

While most other Mandarin Courses and language training institutions in Singapore have a teacher and student ratio of 1:10 to 1:30, we are able to pare this figure to a low ratio of around 1:5 or at 1:1 to deliver a highly personalised learning experience for each student. Such small groups allow our dedicated trainers to give their full attention to the learners and in turn aid them to improve their ability to quickly speak Mandarin within a shorter period than other Mandarin Courses.

We will firmly stick to this methodology instead of opening big classes with public intakes. As we believe that the learning process is a two-way communication between the trainers and learners, this result can only be achieved through small group learning or one-to-one sessions where the learners can freely ask questions until all doubts are expunged.

We are a firm believer of life-long learning. We strive to ensure every learner graduate from our Mandarin Courses and take away an effective linguistic skill that would greatly improve their market value.

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