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  Quality Chinese Course in Singapore

Chinese Language for Beginners | Testimonials

Elite Linguistic Network has been receiving a lot of positive feedback in helping student to learn Chinese Language effectively and efficiently in Singapore. Our Chinese Courses are customised and designed for every class, from the selection of trainers, teaching approaches, classroom activities and supplementary materials. We also have our assessment model which is designed similar to the HSK exam format and feedback collection system. We believe that adult learners have limited time to invest in learning the language, thus we are committed to help them to pick up Chinese in a more effective and value for money manner.

Every testimonial and recommendation given by the student, not only motivate us to become a better language training provider, it also enhance our experience in designing more interesting programs and courses to deliver real effectiveness for the mastering of the language.

Interested to experience our lessons and be the next success stories of mastering Chinese? Contact our friendly Program Advisors today at +65 9799 5377 to share with us your language learning needs and objectives! You may also request for more information via our web form here.

Let’s hear what our students say about Elite’s Quality Chinese Course in Singapore:

Zullaila Binte Idris
“Compliments to the teacher, she explained the Chinese language very well especially when we still don't understand. Her English is also good and we can understand her explanation better.

Shreya Sood
“The course materials given by the teacher are excellent. Started from the very basic, very easy to understand”.

Kristie Mcnuim
“I love my teacher's manners and explanation. She has great pronunciation and people skills. She definitely kept me motivated when I struggled. People learn at different paces, for me, I would have preferred to repeat things more and take more time, it was hard for me to retain especially the sounds. This teacher is an asset to the team. I especially really appreciated her patience on top of everything else”.

Donna Enriqor
“Interesting, fun, interactive, informative, competent and friendly instructor. Set objectives at the beginning of each class. Preview of previous class could be no more than 15 minutes to give way for new lessons”.

Cees Borgers, VDL Technologies
“Due to my lack of time, I could not finish the full program, but Zhong Xian Cheng did a good job, was very flexible and helped me a lot.”

Jessica Jessica Apéll (Molnlycke)
“I am very happy about the service I have received this year, and feel that I have learned a lot.”

Ken Irish
“Jie is great to work with and a pleasure to talk to and she is very good and very experienced.”

Sharanne Au
“Our friends and colleagues have also commented on our improved Chinese :)”

Fiore Daniele
“It was good to start coaching Mandarin this way, having fun. Hopefully I will continue this course soon and learn more.”

Shweta Dongre
“The course material, the way the language is taught-I loved that.”

Sarah Gada
“Course delivery and the class size is good as it provides sufficient interactions.”

Oliver Oliveros
“The thing I like most about the course is the class is taught from beginners view.”

Charise Tesalona
“The practice helps a lot in improving pronunciation & usage of the words.”

Jonathan Sim
“The lessons were very effective and beneficial. Within a month, I was able to speak Mandarin very smoothly and confidently. In addition, my teacher (Ms Ivy Bian) taught me all the customs and expectations of working in China. The lessons were so effective that I was able to carry out my work in China successfully during my two weeks there. I am very glad I signed up for classes with Elite.”

Let’s experience the Quality Chinese Course in Singapore and improve your Chinese for daily and business communication TODAY!